Monthly Events

The following events take place at Salvation Church, you're welcome to join us from 11am at the start of service, or alternatively join us after service from 12:30pm onwards.

Bible Study

On the first Sunday of each month, we gather at 1:30pm to study word of God in small groups. Currently looking into Mark.

Prayer Meeting

On the third Sunday of each month, we gather after service in small groups to pray for the needs of our nation and others. During the summer time, prayer meeting host in the form of a prayer walk.

Food & Fellowship

On the last Sunday of each month, we all bring a dish with us to church and have lunch together after the service. We hope you can join us for some food and a chat.

Upcoming Events

To find out more about our upcoming events, check out our Event Calendar.

Mid-Year Retreat

9 - 11 April 2020 

For our annual mid-year retreat, we will be returning back to High Leigh Conference Centre in Hoddesdon. We look to seek the Lord for guidence with prayers and fellowship.


If you're interested in joining us for this 2.5 days time away with the Lord and getting to know us better, please do not hesistate to contact us.


Easter Service

12 April 2020

To us, Easter is Jesus Christ's victory over death. His resurrection symbolises the eternal life that is granted to all who believe in Him. The meaning of Easter also symbolizes the complete verification of all that Jesus preached and taught during His three-year ministry. If He had not risen from the dead, if He had merely died and not been resurrected, He would have been considered just another teacher or Rabbi. However, His resurrection changed all that and gave final and irrefutable proof that He was really the Son of God and that He had conquered death once and for all.


Please join us in the celebration of his resurrection, we warmly invite you to our annual Easter Service.

One Worship

Summer 2020

A time of worship to celebrate just that. An evening for believers across different churches to stand in unity to worship God under one roof. We launched this event for the first time in January, where three congretions (SC, SCC and EFGCC) alongside brothers and sisters representing many other churches come together to worship God alongside other passionate believers, as well as meeting other like-minded brothers and sisters with the same heart for Jesus.

Mission Romania

We organise a mixtue of activities including a five day Kid's Camp of different age group, going out to the locals and speak to the elderly. The children are usually split into different age groups; Under 7s, Under 9s, Under 13s and Teens.

If you're interested to find out what happen, or would like to join us in our next mission in August, get in touch!

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