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Salvation Church is a member of the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance, an international movement which began in 1915. We believe that the Gospel message is not just limited to salvation, but that all who believe should become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. To this end, we are a cell-based church which encourages the training and nurturing of individuals in local cell groups, as well as in the more traditional Sunday meetings.



We are the English congregation of SCC (Salvation Christian Church), which is a work started since 1988 as a result of a burden laid upon the hearts of a group of friends and family members. Through this group, God was graciously reaching out to many Chinese families and individuals in London, but as many of them did not speak English, and there was no charismatic Chinese churches around at that time, we were led to begin our own church. Through the years, God in His own wisdom, has used SCC to start new congregations in and around London as well as overseas. Our core vision remains the same, and this is reaching out to the lost and demonstrating God’s reality in power and in love.

Salvation Church began life as a youth group in 2008 and is now developing into a congregation for second-generation Chinese whose preferred language is English. However, our ministry is not limited to them alone, but to anyone to whom God lead us. We believe that in this modern age where materialism, dominance of work over one’s life, isolation and loneliness are rife, the message of Jesus has never been more relevant. Communication has never been more easy, and yet it has never been more scarce. 


The challenge and the charge of each generation is to reach its own. We are committed to fulfilling this mandate, and welcome all to join us.


Salvation Church, an Elim Pentecostal Church.

Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance. Registered Charity 251549 (England & Wales)


Meet Our Sister Churches

Elim Full Gospel Chinese Church 以琳全備福音教會

Mandarin Congregation

The Elim Full Gospel Church (EFGCC) is part of the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance and is a British Pentecostal Church. EFGCC has been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 20 years, serving the Chinese community in Britain, and expanding the kingdom of God in it, fulfilling Jesus Christ the Saviour is a great mission.


The core values ​​of the church is to proclaim and witness the gospel according to the truth of the Bible; Help, encourage, train, and send disciples to reach their full potential; Promote and motivate disciples to support and build a variety of different missions – helping orphans and widows, helping the poor, building churches and reaching out to society; Promote integrity in the overall relationship of the body of Christ; and Help repair broken lives and relationships.


There are different small families in this church. We currently have seven church gatherings across London, which meet separately on Sundays and weekdays.

Salvation Christian Church 救恩會

Cantonese Congregation

At Salvation Christian Church (SCC) we believe that God has a destiny for every person - a great and wonderful purpose for you to fulfill in your life. It begins with getting to know God through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Once your life is safely in His hands you can discover that purpose and begin to bring it to fulfillment through His strength and power. Multitudes of people throughout the world and in London are discovering the joy of this new life in God. We hope that this experience and blessing is also upon you and your family.


Our Sunday services held at St Margaret Pattens in the City of London near Monument underground station are in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

We also have branch church in Loughton, Essex at the Loughton Baptist Church near the Loughton underground station. This church is especially suitable for families with children. Sunday service is in English and Mandarin. 

Join Our Cell Groups

Student and Young Professionals Cell

We are group of passionate young professionals and students who love Jesus. Our goal is to spread the good news and make disciples. We strongly believe in being diligent followers of Christ and to support and encourage each other with love. The two greatest commandments are to love God and love people.

Mark 12:28-31


We are currently studying the Old Testament starting from Genesis. There are great discussions every week, and we sometimes go off on tangents – it's never boring!


We meet up every Wednesday at St Stephen Walbrook.

Doors open at 6:30pm – bring your dinner, all are welcome!

Professionals Cell

We are a group of working adults who meet on alternate Sundays for a time of catching up, getting to know God in a real way. There is a mix of married couples, singles and not-so singles. Some of us work in the City and others more locally in North London.


At cell,  we start by sharing how the past weeks have been or anything else that's on our mind. We then spend time studying God’s word, with a mixture of structured or one-off topics that we feel are relevant to the group. We sometimes gather for meals and games, often finish the session with prayers.


We meet up alternative Sunday at St Stephen Walbrook.

Our meeting start from 1:15pm – you're very welcome to join our service from 11am!

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